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Life-Changing Benefits of DSMES Programs


Discover what diabetes education and support programs can do for you and your patients.

We all know how difficult it is for patients to control their diabetes. Diabetes is a complex, multi-factorial disease that requires management and intervention on multiple fronts. Between trying to manage nutrition, medication routine, and lifestyle factors and learning how all these things affect your A1C, it’s easy for patients to get overwhelmed and ultimately discouraged. Over 75% of patients with diabetes have difficulty managing their condition, and this is not from a lack of trying.

For patients,
DSMES programs:

Increase awareness and empowerment

Improve treatment outcomes

Improve the quality of interaction with their care provider

Lower A1C

Improve their quality of life

For Doctors,
DSMES programs:

Make more valuable use of clinical time with patients

Improve patient engagement

Increase patient satisfaction with their care

Increase patients’ health literacy and engagement

Save doctors from having to provide basic education during their limited office hours

With MDT, it’s Never Been Easier to Access DSMES

MyDiabetesTutor’s DSMES sessions eliminate the logistical barriers that often get in the way of DSMES access by offering a telehealth model that patients can access anywhere. Sessions are covered by insurance or Medicaid to make DSMES more affordable and accessible and are offered in multiple languages. Referring a patient to our program is easy and takes only a few clicks.


My Diabetes Tutor’s DSMES has allowed me to overcome the traditional office limitations by providing a more comprehensive approach to diabetes care. Because of virtual diabetes education, patients now have needed information that may not be received at a 10-15 minute office visit. This directly translates to healthier patient outcomes, higher patient satisfaction scores, and increased physician efficiency.

Dr. Michael Tran

A vacuum in diabetes education has tasked doctors with repeating basic information rather than providing the level of care for which they strive. Although physicians do everything they can to provide the best treatment, physicians are challenged by the time limitations of the traditional office visit - leaving many of their patients struggling to make the necessary day-to-day decisions that help manage their condition.

Diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES) programs provide the fundamental guidance that patients and their doctors need. Patients receive comprehensive and personalized guidance from their very own coach and educator on the fundamentals of proper diabetes management so they can learn to control the condition independently. In clinical studies, DSMES programs have been proven to drive improved outcomes.

Endorsed by the CDC, AMA, ADA and more

These benefits, and many others, are why DSMES programs are recommended and endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Medical Association, and most other leading healthcare organizations.

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