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Empower Your Patients AND Your Practice

What Can MDT Do for Your Practice?

Helping your practice grow through more empowered and informed patient engagement.

MyDiabetesTutor is partnering with doctors across the country to improve their patients’ health literacy and increase their engagement in their own diabetes management.


We are committed to helping you improve your practices’ diabetes care and make the most out of your time with your patients by relieving you of the burden of providing basic education so you can provide more meaningful and substantive care.

MDT allows patients to access the education they need, allowing doctors to maximize the quality of their care. Instead of spending time on the basics of diabetes education, Doctors can focus on their patients’ unique conditions, co-occurring health issues, medications as needed, and other vital factors.

Through consistent, personalized education and support, patients better internalize core concepts that are crucial to better managing their diabetes in their everyday lives. This means better progress between visits with their doctors and a more enthusiastic and collaborative approach to their care. Our educators keep meticulous session notes and share them directly with patients’ care providers either by FAX or through their EHR systems so doctors can gain better insights into their patients’ progress and where they need guidance.

Driving Reputational and Organizational Growth

Improved outcomes and increased satisfaction also translate to a positive impact on reimbursement rates from various payers, overall practice growth, better provider scores, and significantly better outcomes as part of a value-based care model.

Driving Behavioral Change In Your Patients

Educated patients are more empowered patients. My Diabetes Tutor equips patients with the guidance and insights they need to become active agents in their own health. For their doctors, this means better quality of engagement, less chance of complications, less need to repeat basic concepts or convince them to take action, and the opportunity to enrich the limited time you have with your patients in each visit. progress and where they need guidance.

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