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​Get the education and insights you need to manage your diabetes and shape a healthier future.

​Knowledge is Power...
and Prevention

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The Importance of Diabetes Education

There’s a reason why diabetes self-management education and support (DSME) has been endorsed and recommended by both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Medical Association (AMA). The ability to make informed decisions are critical to the management of any health issue, including diabetes. Different varieties of the disease, multiple potential health complications, and countless other factors require knowledge, guidance, and support. Unfortunately, however, your doctor has limited time during in-person visits. 

My Diabetes Tutor’s trained and experienced diabetes educators help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to modify behavior and self-manage your diabetes and overall health. 

Make Informed Choices - Get insights on exercise, healthy eating, and other lifestyle factors. 

Manage Your Medication - Learn about effective medication adherence and its importance.

Lower and Manage Your A1C - Learn the importance of your AIC and how to keep it in check. 

When you're more informed in your diabetes journey, you will more easily:

Accredited by the DEAP

​​My Diabetes Tutor was named the first accredited diabetes education telehealth program in California by the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES), a National Accredited Organization (NAO). This will provide individuals with diabetes with increased access to high-quality diabetes education services.

My Diabetes Tutor participants are referred to our program by their physicians because they understand the importance of proper diabetes education and the incredible resource that we provide for those who need help. Our goal is to guide your overall care plan so you can live in control of your diabetes. 

Education on blood sugar monitoring, insulin administration, nutrition, physical activity, weight management,  and self-care practices enables patients to take control of their health, leading to improved glycemic control and reduced risk of complications. It also plays a vital role in early detection and timely intervention, which can prevent the progression of the disease and its associated health risks. 

Diabetes education is not only beneficial for individuals with diabetes but also for their families and caregivers. It helps them gain the necessary knowledge and understanding to provide better support and care for their loved ones. Our program helps cultivate prevention strategies and behaviors that can help you avoid unnecessary health complications. 


Approved and Recommended by Your Doctor

General Diabetes Topics

  • Life with Diabetes Basics 

  • Preventing Complications 

  • What to Eat 

  • Understanding Medications 

  • Staying Healthy for a Lifetime 

Gestational Diabetes Topics

  • Avoiding Complications 

  • Assessing Fetal Health 

  • Preventing Postpartum Diabetes 

  • Managing Depression and Sleep Deprivation 

Pre-Diabetes Topics

  • Symptoms 

  • Impact 

  • Reversing the Course 

Easy-to-Access Online Diabetes Education

Over the course of your 10-session program, you will receive comprehensive education, guidance, and support on the core pillars of diabetes management established by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). The online My Diabetes Tutor program is nationally certified by the ADCES (Association of Diabetes Care and education specialists). We offer programs for:

My Diabetes Tutor is covered by most insurance providers, so there are typically no costs other than a small co-pay. Many patients pay nothing at all.

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