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Getting Started on Your MDT Journey is Easy

Experienced, personalized, and trustworthy guidance from dedicated diabetes educators. 

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See How MDT Empowers Patients to Manage their Diabetes

Recommended by Your Doctor

Your My Diabetes Tutor journey starts with a recommendation from your doctor. They are acutely aware of the unique struggles of living with diabetes, and they know how effective My Diabetes Programs can be in educating and supporting their patients. Perhaps you’re having trouble lowering your A1C. Perhaps you’re at a loss as to integrating physical activity into your diabetes management routine. Maybe you’re having a hard time regulating and managing your insulin regimen. Whatever pain points you’re experiencing in your diabetes journey, our experts are here to help you take control.

Partnered with an Accredited Educator and Coach

Each one of our coaches has years of experience helping people through both the clinical and emotional aspects of their diabetes journeys. They understand your struggles and provide personalized guidance tailored to your health and lifestyle needs.

Once you sign up for your first appointment, you will be paired with an experienced, qualified, and dedicated diabetes education professional with years of clinical expertise who is committed to helping you improve your health.

Covered by Your Insurance

Most participants’ My Diabetes Tutor sessions are covered for the first year by their insurance provider. This means that you get next-level diabetes support and education from leading clinicians for little to no out-of-pocket costs. Many patients pay nothing at all. At the same, health complications related to diabetes can cost you thousands of dollars in medical expenses…even for just one event. 

We have designed our program to be accessible to all people who are struggling with diabetes and partner with their doctors to ensure that they can be covered by health insurance providers. You don’t have to let cost get in the way of receiving life-changing access to insights and guidance that can empower you on your diabetes care journey. 

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Value and Importance of Completion

During your first session, your educator will get a thorough assessment of your struggles and the impact your diabetes has had on your health and quality of life. Subsequent sessions will include in-depth insights on the core pillars of diabetes management and how you can set yourself up for success on your journey. 

Program completion is especially important in order to take full advantage of the MDT benefits.  Even when you think you have your condition under control, new challenges can emerge to impact your health. Our program helps ensure that you can navigate all of these twists, turns, and unexpected problems while helping prevent serious complications.

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