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Give Your Patients the Tools They Need to Thrive 

Thousands of care providers are already recommending their patients for the My Diabetes Tutor Program.

Providing the education and supporting resources to help your patients.

As a healthcare provider, you want to do everything you can to support your patients, but sometimes you need additional support, just like they do. The reality is that the time constraints of the traditional office visit can limit the ability to engage with patients as much as you’d like and they need.

This is just one of the reasons why Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) resources are repeatedly recommended and endorsed by the CDC and AMA, yet only a fraction of the patients with diabetes have access to these programs. This disparity places significant strain on patients and providers whose continued progress is directly tied to positive reported outcomes.

Our program has been proven to help patients: 

  • Lower their A1C 

  • Stabilize their blood sugar 

  • Improve weight loss

  • Make healthier food choices

  • Enjoy better sleep and more energy

  • Manage their medications 

  • Reduce health complications 

"MDT has allowed me to overcome the traditional office limitations by providing a more comprehensive approach to diabetes care.  Because of virtual diabetes education, patients now have needed information that may not be received at a 10-15 minute office visit.  This directly translates to healthier patient outcomes, higher patient satisfaction scores, and increased physician efficiency. "

-Dr. Michael Tran

Boosting patient satisfaction and outcomes for private practices and health systems

Our organization partners with hospitals and health systems throughout the country to help equip patients with diabetes with the knowledge and insights they need to avoid lengthy hospital stays due to complications. 

You can also help boost your Net Provider Scores (NPS) and patient satisfaction numbers by helping to provide a reputable, proven, and effective resource for patients to use outside of the acute care paradigm. Make it easy for patients to access lifesaving diabetes education and support so they can stay healthy and in control of their condition. 

Partnering with My Diabetes Tutor Means 

  • Extending Providers' Expertise and Capabilities

  • Giving Patients an Extra Layer of Support and Engagement 

  • Reducing Adverse Outcomes for Value-Based Care Contacts

  • Saving Your Practice Time on Treating Complications 

  • Improve Clinician Approval Ratings and NPS Scores

  • Better performance and compensation under Value-Based-Care contracts and Medicare quality reporting plans

  • Improved HEDIS metrics

My Diabetes Tutor has been helping practices across the country improve patient care and facilitate better long-term outcomes for more than 20 years. 

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