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Improve Member Health and Reduce Utilization Costs

Let us help you improve your members health and organization’s wealth. 

Increased Health Literacy for Members 

Reduced Comorbidities and Related Costs

Increased Member Retention 

Lower Healthcare Utilization Costs

Partnering with MyDiabetesTutor Means:

Preventative guidance and proactive education can help reduce the occurrence of healthcare incidents that require coverage from patients’ insurance companies. Partner with My Diabetes Tutor to minimize the risk of health-related insurance claims while equipping your customer base with a powerful resource to independently manage their condition. 

Our program has been proven to help patients: 

Lower their A1C & Stabilize their blood sugar

Improve weight loss

Make healthier food choices

Enjoy better sleep and more energy

Manage their medications

Reduce health complications

My Diabetes Tutor works with healthcare payers across the industry to help maximize positive treatment outcomes, keep patients healthy, and reduce the likelihood of care-related expense. 

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