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Let MDT provide the guidance and support you need from an experienced, dedicated, and certified diabetes educator. 

​Don’t Let Diabetes Control You Anymore

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If your blood glucose is elevated but not yet in the diabetic range, our educators will help you make informed decisions to take action and prevent diabetes.


Our program provides life-changing education and insights even for those who have been dealing with type 1 diabetes for years and want to improve their quality of life. 

Type 1 Diabetes

Get the guidance and support you need to keep your glucose in check, regulate your blood sugar, and make informed choices to improve your overall health. 

Type 2 Diabetes

Newly and long-term diagnosed patients with diabetes have their own unique set of challenges. It’s particularly important for newly diagnosed patients to get educational support.

Newly and Long-Term Diagnosed

Learn the value, benefits, and best practices for proper and effective use of your insulin pump and what to expect when using the device. Our program provides step-by-step education and insights. 

Insulin Pump Users

Comprehensive education and support for patients who require continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), including what systems may be right for them, how to use them, and how they fit in with their overall routine. 

CGM Recipients

With You Wherever You Are In Your Diabetes Journey

Our patients receive personalized, tailored education for their specific type of diabetes. Whether you’ve been battling this condition for years, have recently developed diabetes, or are on the verge of a diagnosis, we’re ready to help. 

Empowering and Supporting the Diabetes Community

Being diagnosed with diabetes was overwhelming. But my doctor referred me to My Diabetes Tutor, and the telehealth program really helped me understand and manage my condition. I truly had no idea what diabetes was - or how to manage it - until I worked with my MDT educator.


Our Programs and Services

Why is Diabetes Management Important?

​Proper diabetes education opens up a whole new world of information and empowerment that can help you avoid health complications and improve your quality of life. It takes away the anxiety of uncertainty and puts the power in your hands to better engage with your care provider, understand if something is wrong, and take complete control of your condition. 

​Untreated or mismanaged diabetes leads to a variety of health complications, including, but not limited to heart disease, chronic kidney disease, nerve damage, problems with feet, oral diseases, and vision impairment. 

These complications and others lead to an average of $9,601 per year in unnecessary medical expenses.

No matter where you are in your diabetes journey, it’s never too early or too late to take control of your health. Here’s what a few of our patients have to say about the impact MDT has had on them:

"I feel like everything that I've learned has given me the opportunity to get a grip on my life and have a better understanding of how diabetes is affecting me so I can take control of it."

"My educator taught me about A1c, healthy foods, exercise, and continuous glucose monitoring. We met virtually after work on a biweekly basis, and I appreciated her flexibility. My A1C has dropped from 8.2% to 6.9%."

"I was hesitant to meet with an educator at first because I have met with other dietitians before, and it wasn’t beneficial. Meeting with my educator has been beneficial in many ways. We had a connection that allowed me to ask questions, and I didn’t feel intimidated."

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