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My Diabetes Tutor offers a full array of services to help with the unique causes, impacts, and management struggles related to your diabetes. 

Helping You in Every Phase of Your Diabetes Journey

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Every Person's Diabetes Journey is Unique.

The causes, impact, and management struggles are different from

person to person. This is why My Diabetes Tutor offers a full array of services to help with each pain point of this condition.

Our Support Services Include:

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Connect with an experienced, qualified, and dedicated diabetes clinician no matter where you are. Our virtual coaching services put empowerment and education at your fingertips and offer personalized support tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re having trouble managing your insulin regimen, want to understand the relationship between diabetes and physical activity, need help with your diet, or have any other diabetes-related issue, we’re there. 

Our virtual coaching is particularly useful for those who need extra support outside of their doctors’ offices or are struggling with co-occurring health issues that can make them particularly vulnerable to complications. Get consistent and customized support at work, home, on vacation, or anywhere else you happen to be with just a few clicks. 

​Virtual Coaching
talking to someone in a computer
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What you eat plays a significant role in how you control your diabetes, and our specialists are here to help guide you on your nutritional journey. From in-depth insights on glycemic index to helping you discover how different foods affect your insulin resistance and blood sugar, we’re here to help. Our specialists will work with you to help you strike a nutritional balance between sensible and satisfying while guiding you on integrating a diabetes-friendly diet into your unique lifestyle. 

The reality is that every person’s dietary needs are unique, even with the diabetes community. Our educators and nutrition specialists will assess your complete health picture, ongoing care needs, and current nutritional habits to help you form a game plan that improves your blood sugar and increases your energy. 

​Medical Nutrition Therapy

Get peace of mind and informed guidance through all of the ups and downs of your diabetes journey. Our specialists are here to provide consistent and effective support as you work not only to stabilize your A1C, but also to keep your sugar in check in your day-to-day life. Our monitoring services significantly reduce the likelihood of complications while helping you navigate some of the common behavioral pitfalls associated with poor diabetes management. 

The diabetes experience will often come with new challenges. You will have good days and bad days, and there will always be new things to learn. We will be there along the way to help ensure you’re effectively navigating them and providing insights to adjust the course if needed. Take control of your diabetes with confidence. 

​Remote Patient Monitoring

My Diabetes Tutor provides education and support for patients who use continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps. These devices often come with a learning curve, and it’s important that you have the right guidance and support for initial use, as well as when your device is having interoperability issues. 

Our experienced specialists assist patients at initial diagnosis or at device initiation to help overcome barriers in the critical first months after diagnosis or at device initiation. All programs are highly customized, and interventions are tailored to specific individuals’ needs. We provide education and training on a wide range of medical devices, including Insulin Pumps, Blood Glucose Meters, Continuous Glucose Monitors, and other devices.

​Device Training
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