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Every doctor is challenged with helping their patients with diabetes manage this complex condition. Learn why DSMES is critical for your patients with diabetes, and why so many doctors are turning to the breakthrough MyDiabetesTutor virtual solution.

In this 45-minute session, you’ll hear Dr. Jyothi Juarez, Board Certified Endocrinologist, and Dr. Prem Sahasranam, Board Certified Endocrinologist as well as Founder, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer, My Diabetes Tutor, as they discuss:

  • The challenges of unmanaged diabetes.

  • Why DSMES is such a game-changer for patients and providers alike.

  • The impressive outcomes My Diabetes Tutor is creating for thousands of patients.

  • Questions surfaced by endocrinologists about DSMES and My Diabetes Tutor.

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My Diabetes Tutor has allowed me to overcome the traditional office limitations by providing a more comprehensive approach to diabetes care.  Because of virtual diabetes education, patients now have needed information that may not be received at a 10-15 minute office visit. This directly translates to healthier patient outcomes, higher patient satisfaction scores, and increased physician efficiency.

-Dr. Michael Tran
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